Frequently Asked Questions

Liberty Village Assisted Living understands there are many questions involved when considering an assisted living community. Below are some frequently asked questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details or if you have any additional inquiries.

Can I bring my own furniture and belongings?
Answer: Yes — We encourage our new family members to furnish their apartments with their own furnishings and momentos, thus creating a welcome environment to cherish fond memories and make new ones.

Can I entertain out-of-town guests?
Answer: Yes — This is your own apartment and you can welcome guests and overnight guests anytime (See the service agreement for details or restrictions).

Can I have pets?
Answer: Yes – We understand that pets are part of the family! (We reserve the right to accept or decline pets on an individual basis depending on size, temperament, etc. See the service agreement for deposit information)

Is there a large “entrance” fee and long lease involved?
Answer: No – We only require a security deposit. Our apartments are rented on a month-by-month basis.

Do you accept financial aid?
Answer: Yes – Liberty Village provides a 10% discount off the base rent for all Veterans and the spouse of a veteran. We accept assistance from the Aid and Attendance Veterans Program who qualify. We also work closely with the ADRC (Aging and Disability Resource Center) and through WWC (Western WI Cares).

Do I have to give up driving?
Answer: No – We provide exterior parking spots for our residents and encourage them to come and go as they choose.

Am I required to be present for every meal?
Answer: No – We do request notification that you are not going to be present for your meal so that we know you are safe. We do not provide any discount off the base rent if meals are not taken.

Can I bring guests for meals?
Answer: Yes – For a very small fee you may entertain guests for meals with advance notice being given to the staff for planning purposes.

Are there frequent rent/fee increases?
Answer: No – We try very hard to keep our costs affordable. We evaluate our expenses annually and then determine if an increase in rates is required.

Do you have a company bus or a van that provides transportation?
Answer: No—In order to keep our costs competitive and affordable, we do not have a company bus or van available for resident transportation. We do, however, provide assistance with transportation arrangements and also will rent a bus or van for transportation to special activities.

Is my phone included?
Answer: No— You will be required to setup an individual account with a local telephone provider.

Can I reserve a specific apartment?
Answer: Yes— You can reserve a specific apartment for a small fee of $100. We will keep the apartment available for 60 days. If another individual voices interest in the apartment you have reserved, we will contact you for first option on renting the apartment.

Can I move in if I have a Power of Attorney for my Healthcare?
Answer: No — You must be your own independent person, able to make your own decisions. You can have a Power of Attorney for Healthcare activated after moving in.

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